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Software & Services

Our software services are ideal for self-managed projects to be user-friendly so that our clients can easily use the software without any hassle. We always keep track of new and advanced technologies that we can implement into software solutions to give you the best solutions available. Our expert team of full-stack developers can create tailor-made software applications designed and customized according to your requirements and host them on our cloud for the client’s convenience and accessibility.


What We Offer

We know what you need to run a successful business. Our services include:

Custom-built software solutions such as Armoury Management Systems, ERP systems, accounting and HR systems, Duty Rostering and many more
Post-implementation support services
Documentation of testing specifications and process flow
Higher reliability in terms of scalability, availability and distributed infrastructure
Compatibility with any platform with a modern web browser (MacOS X, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc)
Secure cloud solutions with complete network, operating systems, applications and physical infrastructure security in line with cybersecurity best practices

on Cloud

  • We can also host your applications to make them accessible to clients and customers over the internet.
  • This service allows us as a solutions provider to provide a web-based software that can be centrally hosted and editable easily by us so that clients have the most efficient and up to date software. Allowing you to have the more user friendly experience.

What You Get

  • Host your applications to make them accessible to clients and customers over the internet without any need of costly on-premise software
  • A web-based always up-to-date software centrally hosted and editable by IOTeq so that you don’t have to worry about updating your software.
  • more predictable recurring revenue stream in the form of less expensive monthly subscriptions.
  • Increased scalability for teams with users based in different locations to collaborate and increase software capacity when required
  • Reduced upfront development costs


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