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Smart Kiosk

SMART kiosks reduce manpower and increase efficiency. When people can retrieve the items or information they need with automated assistance, that’s one less employee required to run your station or console.

A Smart City Innovates
with Smart Kiosks

Grow your business in the digital age with our Smart Kiosk Solutions. Ioteq Systems provides a wide range of customized kiosk solutions that fulfills all your requirements.
Streamline order pickup process
Audit-trail capabilities to trace and trace control inventory and deliveries
Add value to academic and residential properties
Integrate lockers with building, employees, students and other software systems

Our Smart Lockers

Our new locking system provides a secure, automated and fully integrated system to simplify customers with storage needs. Fully customizable, our modular design comes with a software that offers a secure, efficient, accountable and convenient delivery and auditable asset storage.

Following are just some of the types of SMART solutions that we can customize to the client’s requirements:
  • Enable your employees to stay powered-up on the go as they charge their mobile phones and tablets with our SMART charging kiosks
  • Allow multiple devices to charge together at the same time
    • Automated Weapons Locker with Alert System
    • SMART Lockers with Charging capability
    • SMART Storage Lockers for last mile delivery
    • Refrigerated/Heated Food Storage Solutions
    • Automated Medicine Dispensary/Storage with temperature sensors
  • Reduce your human resource costs, increase parcel delivery efficiency and service quality with our self-collection and return automated lockers such as Armory and SMART Deposit Lockers, designed for both indoors and outdoors
  • Improve convenience for your customers by allowing them in-store pickup option for online orders with the help of smart locker facility
  • Provide round-the-clock daily schedules and real-time status information of buses, subways, trains and other forms of public transportation
  • Reduce the number of queues and decrease staff overheads by replacing with smart ticketing systems
  • Create convenience for citizens by enabling them to easily pay for utility bills or parking toll
  • Facilitate banking and cash management for customers with self-service kiosks such as instant card issuance, account opening, cash and cheque deposits

Rental Available

A value added service to your customers and clients with hassle free rental services of Kiosk Charging Stations for your events. No maintenance cost involved, delivered to your door step. We are experienced in renting out lockers for events or functions, be it a short term events or long term lease.

We provide secured management locker rental service for all kinds of organizations. Please email us at to discuss your needs for locker rental or purchase. We are a call away.


Biometric / Digital Password Charging Station

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Customized Lockers

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